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Digital Currencies Such as Bitcoin, Etherium, Dodgecoin, etc. in New South Wales

Are digital currencies real money as we know it? Of course. In New South Wales, cryptocurrencies are both a digital type of money and are certainly considered an asset. Synchronically, they're both considered to be a store of value and a medium of exchange.

Money is the thing that you use to buy stuff, and you get paid in, and to boot, it's an instrument which you expect will be of higher value over the years to come.

The money you get as a paycheck and spend is not a store of value. Why not? Inflation. With every single passing day in New South Wales, the cost of things goes up, but so does the money supply. So that means all your money is dropping in value as time ticks on.

Which decidedly means that what you're worth – keeps dropping.

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Blockchain Technology – Impacts on Your Work & Private Life in New South Wales

Blockchain Technology is not purely about a new kind of digital money. It's way beyond that. It's a technology applied in just about every functions from how local and national governments function, to financial, to a complete data management revolution.

Blockchain technology is changing everything – from how all your personal data is secured, to how it's managed, to drastically lowering exorbitant transaction fees.

Blockchain technology in New South Wales will almost incomprehensibly remodel the way you get paid and buy things. And for the good.

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