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Bitcoin ATM Operator IconSupport Tel: 
USA: 1-941-877-5725
UK: 44-203-769-0476
EU: 420-234-092-582
EST: 372-597-82024
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If you should experience a problem during your transaction please get in touch with the operator directly. In most cases, any issues can be resolved quickly.
Bitcoin ATM Operator IconOperating Hours: 
Support Desk Staffed:
09:00 and 17:00
Prague Time, (UTC +2)
Bitcoin ATM Operator IconAddress: 
3657 Cortez Rd W Suite 100
34210 Bradenton
Bitcoin ATM Operator IconAddress: 
U Pergamenky 1522/2
170 00 Prague 7
Czech Republic
Bitcoin ATM Operator IconATM Types: 
Multi Currency
Multi Crypto
Free Standing
Point of Sale

About the ATM Manufacturer – General Bytes

General Bytes ATM General Bytes has sold over 1,046 ATMs and is a proven and stable industry leader and innovator. Offering a range of units facilitating the ability to scale fast. Plus, you won't wait a year for delivery. They strive toward achieving the highest uptime availability in the industry.

Their ATMs support over 121 Fiat currencies, have been installed in over 39 countries and collectively, their ATMs have performed over 847,000 transactions worldwide. Of course, they don't only support Bitcoin, but a wide range of cryptocurrencies.

Their customers classify their software as “the most stable”. 99% of configuration tasks can be done remotely, which means very few on-site visits – and faster customer service. And customer support is second to none. Reach out via email, phone or skype. They take pride in being highly receptive to operator feedback when implementing new features.

So if you've been bitten by the “crypto-bug” and your entrepreneurial spirit has been piqued, just contact the friendly folks at General Bytes using the form on this page.

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