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Digital Currencies Such as Bitcoin, Etherium, Dodgecoin, etc. in Manitoba

Is digital money real money you can use? Without a doubt. In Manitoba, cryptocurrencies are both used as a currency and are an asset. Simultaneously, they're both judged to be a store of value and a medium of exchange.

Money is the universal exchange mechanism for goods and services, and further, it's an instrument which you hope will be increasing in value tomorrow.

The money your employer gives you and you use to pay bills with is not a store of value. So why not? Inflation. Each day in Manitoba, costs keep creeping up, but so does the money supply. So your money is worth less as time ticks on.

So in effect, your net worth keeps dropping.

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Blockchain Technology and Why It'll Change How You Live in Manitoba

Blockchain Technology is not purely about a new breed of money. It's unthinkably far more than that. It's a technology used in an infinite number of applications, from government, to bank account management to data management at a global level.

Blockchain is changing everything – from how all the information about you is secured, to how it's verified, to drastically lowering transaction costs.

Blockchain technology in Manitoba will, to the nth degree transform the way you conduct business, live and work. All for the better.

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