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Is digital money real money you can use? Of course. In Hamburg State, cryptocurrencies are both a digital type of money and are also an asset. Synchronically, they're both predesigned to be a medium of exchange and a store of value.

Money is what you exchange for labor and goods, and as well, it's something which you expect will be growing in value over the long term.

Money, as you think of it and use it today is no longer a store of value. Why? Inflation. With every single passing day in Hamburg State, prices keep edging up, but so does the money supply. So your net worth in money is dropping in value each day.

Which means, your ability to buy things erodes.

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Blockchain Technology as It May Apply in Hamburg State Blockchain Technology is not simply about a new type of currency. It's infinitely more than just that. It's a technology adapted to work in thousands of functions from how local and national governments function, to banking, to data management at a global level.

Unnoticed and unaware, your world is changing, because of blockchain… From how all the personal information about you is secured, to how it's collected, to considerably lowering the cost of transactions.

Blockchain technology in Hamburg State will irreversibly revolutionize the way you conduct every part of your daily life – but it'll be better, easier, and cheaper.

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