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Is digital money real money like we use daily? Most definitely. In Lazio, cryptocurrencies are both a kind of digital currency and are in addition, considered to be an asset. Synchronically, they're both predesigned to be a medium of exchange and a store of value.

Money is how you get the things you need and what you get paid in, and to boot, it's something that you hope will be rising in what it's worth in the days and years to come.

The money you get as a paycheck and spend is not a store of value. What happened? Inflation. As the days go by in Lazio, the cost of all products and services creep up, but so does the money supply. Unfortunately, it means that all your money sitting in the bank is disintegrating in value each day.

So ultimately, what you're worth – keeps dropping.

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Blockchain Technology and Its Impact on Your Life in Lazio

Blockchain Technology is not only about secure money. It's inconceivably beyond that. It's a technology that is applied in thousands of functions from government operations, to bank account management to the overhaul of global data management systems.

Blockchain technology is changing your life in many ways, from how all data is secured, to how it's saved, to considerably lowering the avalanche of transaction fees.

Blockchain technology in Lazio will completely change the way you get paid and buy things. And for the good.

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