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Is digital money real money like we use daily? Most definitely. In South West, cryptocurrencies are both digital money and can be considered to be an asset. At the same time, they're both regarded to be a store of value and a medium of exchange.

Money is used for purchases, sales and salaries, and as well, it's a thing which you expect will be worth more over time.

The money your employer gives you and you use to pay bills with is no longer a store of value. Why? Inflation. Day over day in South West, prices rise, but so does the money supply. So that means the money you have is bleeding in value with each passing moment.

And that means, your net worth – continues to drop.

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Blockchain Technology and How it Could Affect You in the S. West, UK

Blockchain Technology is not merely about new types of money. It's unimaginably beyond that. It's a technology applied in an infinite number of applications, from how governments operate, to financial, to the overhaul of global data management systems.

Blockchain technology is changing your life in many ways, from how all data is secured, to how it's protected, to dramatically lowering the cost of transactions.

Blockchain technology in South West will, to the core upturn the way you interact with your employer, your government and your retailers. All for the better.

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