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What is Money?

Money is constituted of three chief characteristics.

They Are: (a) Medium of Exchange – the thing you use daily in life for purchases, (b) Unit of Account – a way to track transactions, (c) Store of Value – a system that preserves your ability to use it later.

Consequently, it's welcomed far and wide, including in The Downs, SWUK, and anywhere else you decide to travel to in the world. And this principle is also applicable to every country's domestic currency.

But, as a result of inflation, money is no longer considered a good store of value. As a direct result of inflation, the money you have, over time is worth less and less. Back to Top

From Small Local Changes in The Downs to Cosmic Economic Betterment

Blockchain tech is really not just about the creation of new types of encrypted money. All the while we know that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc. are border-neutral, are secure, unrestrainable by any border. Just the technology behind it rises well above its benefit as a cryptocurrency.

Blockchain technology will definitely refashion all aspects of your work and home life. Blockchain technology is globally transformative. Don't believe it? It's too late to ignore it. It's already shaping your life.

It will change it all, not only the way financial transactions are handled, but even how the government is run. And don't ignore contracts, appliance controls, and also insurance. The list encompasses the monumental to the mundane. It's a fabulous system! Back to Top

Are Cryptocurrencies Real Money? Is it Possible to Buy Goods in The Downs?

Cryptocurrencies are a group of digital property modeled to be a medium of exchange. So it can be used in everyday commerce. Just like the money we're currently familiar with. Every transaction is incredibly secure because they're built on a framework of cryptography. Cryptography is the art of writing and solving codes. It's the process of scrambling ordinary text – known as cleartext – into ciphertext, then back into how it started.

It's also immune to any possible inflation because monies which are encrypted, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc. are in perpetuum fixed in the total amount that will ever be created. Inflation in The Downs can only be caused by making, or creating more money, at the source. The more there is in the system, the less each one is worth.

You use digital money daily, so it's not something to think of as a new idea. With very little cash used in daily buy and sell transactions. A vast majority of money is already digital. But you've given up control and access, since all your personal and financial data is available on thousands of computers accessed by thousands of people. Even your teller can refuse you access to your own money. You have – until now – had no option but to trust the systems – and the thousands of individual people with access to and control over your money and financial life.

You can safely consider cryptocurrency to be real money. People are using them for exchange daily. The fact is that they're far safer and far more secure as a type of money, used in everyday life. Back to Top

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By What Mechanism is Cryptocurrencies & Digital Money Conceived?

There are three fundamental processes to the process of creating blockchain digital currencies. (1) Public Ledgers, (2) Transactions, and (3) Mining. The final quantity of digital money created (cryptocurrency), is usually set from day one. Cryptocurrencies are expressly governed by unchangeable code. They are open source, peer-to-peer and it's absolutely impossible to control or manipulate any part of it. Currency in cryptographic form are electronically conveyed between digital wallets. The owner's personal identity is not connected to the owned coins. Cryptocoins are generally faster to execute transactions, and demand much lower fees. Plus, it's extremely secure. Back to Top

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In Need of a Digital Currency ABM In a Local Shop?

Digital Money ABMs are being put in just about everywhere, with more coming out each day. If you'd really love to have one installed close by to you, it's important to let us know! In all cities, states and provinces, entrepreneurs are buying cryptocurrency ATMs, installing them, getting them up and fast. When reflecting on your own entrepreneurial objectives, you might potentially think over the issues surrounding acquiring ATM machines yourself. Back to Top

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The Magical Power of Blockchain Technology and it's Inherent Power

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc. are digital currencies governed by the fail safe rules of mathematics, called a blockchain. No one person can change it or control it. If you think of all the risks you deal with indirectly every day when it comes to your money and personal information – they exist because of the potential of human interference and tampering.

A blockchain removes the ability of humans to access your money or personal information in any way, shape or form. By the numbers, there's a higher probability of being trampled on by a tiger in The Downs, than likelihood that anyone might hack into any of your personal info or financial data. Just like Equifax exposed the personal information of 145.5 million people.

Definition of a Blockchain: A blockchain is a decentralized digital ledger which records transactions across many computers. Nobody has the individual power to change any of the information without changing every block in the chain in existence for the record. Then, every part of the blockchain must mathematically agree to even the slightest change of the record. So without the original keys which were used to create the record, no one in The Downs, or from anywhere can ever change, access or control the information. No matter who they are or where they are. Unless they have all the keys.

From this, you benefit enormously. Since nobody will ever have access to your money, financial assets or personal information – or have any control or say over it whatsoever. Or charge you exorbitant transaction fees every time you use YOUR money.

In sum, blockchain is not just about the security of your money and personal information, but about low transaction fees and the speed of transacting – around the world in the same currency. Back to Top

Examining the Legal Conundrum Surrounding the Use of Cryptocurrencies in The Downs, SWUK

The legal status of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc. varies from one country to the next. However, The United Kingdom, Canada, India, the European Union Countries, Japan, the United States and most other countries have, several years ago, explicitly classified cryptocurrencies.

Within their regulatory, tax and legal framework, they've concluded that they will not attempt regulation of cryptocurrencies, agreed to its status as a currency, or are even actively encouraging the spreading use of them, as well as their technical evolution. From a broader perspective, most governments are not in the business of holding back innovation at the possible peril of too much regulation.

At the heart of it, a vast majority of developed and economically advanced countries have either absolutely sanctioned them, or, like with the internet experience, understand that they won't be able to in any effective way regulate, control or stop them in a global market. Accordingly, to use, buy and hold cryptocurrency is just fine. But look into how it's regarded in your own area of The Downs and jurisdiction. Back to Top

The Use in Investments of Blockchain Technologies and Cryptocurrencies Are Maturing Faster than Expected

Leveraging opportunities are increasing, given that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology products are not just money as you use it daily. They are regarded as assets. They are a form of property, having the potential of a larger future value, so investment options are naturally more diverse.

Money – we keep in bank accounts will never be worth any more. Inflation steadily reduces the value of your money. Storing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc. is like having both – an investment and money. Certainly, there are inevitable risks, and they shall need to be definitively studied. For all that, there's nothing that's without some risk.

It's absolutely certain however, is that your money in the bank will erode over time. Back to Top

Bitcoin ATM

The Real Meaning of Cryptocurrency to You in The Downs, South West

It's quite astounding how fast the number of online, major and local businesses are making extremely secure digital money like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc. as a type of accepted payment method in The Downs, SWUK. It could be for ordering products online, or at a store around the corner, cryptocurrencies are becoming mainstream. You will, without question, have to adapt to using them. Take notice of the fact that there are crypto ATMs being offered all over the map in a quickly growing number of large cities and even small towns.

How your employer pays you, and the choices of payment options you'll have for goods or services will doubtlessly change quickly. It would be foolhardy to think they're just a fad. Digital monies and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc. have become a solid alternative in The Downs. Can't reverse history.

The use, issuance and accounting for of money has resisted change since the beginning of time, and that means it's time to bring money into our age of technology. Not unlike the invention of the telephone, the light bulb, the car, or the internet – the rapid adoption of digitized money and cryptocurrencies will shift all the fundamentals of business practices South West. Embrace it now before you have no choice with a merchant or service provider. Back to Top

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How Can this International Currency Impact Taxes in The Downs, SWUK?

Since most national jurisdictions already have legislated a variety of protocol in terms of how cryptocurrencies are claimed for tax, you'll be able to get that info online, or through your accountant. Nevertheless, in most scenarios, it'll will be uncomplicated for any accounting for it. The taxation of cryptocurrencies over time is probably brewing, in the jurisdictions of the dominant countries. Paying the taxes on profit from cryptocurrencies will not be hard as far as paperwork goes!

The right paperwork may not be readily available, but you'll easily get it online. What counts is the characteristic for the accounting of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc.. Whether it's considered to be an asset like property or a currency. Both nationwide and in South West. Back to Top

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